Dragons, Dinosaurs, and the Bible – Bodie Hodge

Dragons, Dinosaurs, and the Bible – Bodie Hodge

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Disclaimer: These are summary notes of the instruction made quickly available for your pleasure and convenience.

Bodie Hodge is a speaker, writer and researcher for Answers in Genesis.

Does the Church teach the Biblical view of dinosaurs today? No. Why not? Because the church doesn’t fully understand it.

There is a battle — Christianity vs. Humanism.

Evolution is not a science, because science is repeatable. We don’t see repetition of what Evolution claims. Evolution is the foundation philosophy of Humanism, which is in fact a poor religion.

Many people today are mixing Humanistic views with Christianity, and they don’t realize they’re doing this. This doesn’t make sense, you can’t mix the two.

Here are the 7 C’s of History:
Creation – God created a perfect world.
Corruption- when Adam and Eve sinned; the fall of man.
Catastrophe – the flood explains the dinosaur fossils we’ve found today.

Common questions people have about dinosaurs:
1. What day did God make T-Rex? Gen 1:25 – Land animals (including dinosaurs) where made on day 6.

2. What did T-Rex eat? Gen 1:30 – T-Rex was a vegetarian. But at some point that changed– when sin entered the world. He began to eat meat. There was death and bloodshed.

3. Why did T-Rex have sharp teeth and claws in a perfect world? There could be different reasons. There are many animals with sharp teeth and claws that don’t eat meat, like squirrels and pandas. On the other hand, it could be a defense/attack structure. There may have been many design changes after the fall. Animals were cursed too, which led to physical change. In a perfect world things were different, but after sin entered the world there were a lot of changes.

4. Were dinosaurs on the ark? Gen. 6:20 – Yes! Did you know the largest dinosaur egg were only as big as a football? Plus, Noah’s ark was HUGE. It wasn’t a bathtub ark, like we see in children’s books. Noah didn’t take full grown dinosaurs, but instead took dinosaur eggs and juvenile dinosaurs.

5. How many different kinds of dinosaurs were on the ark? We have to understand the difference between kind and species before we can answer this question. There can be different species of an animal, but there is only one kind. Example – dog is a kind of animal, but there are several different species ranging from wolves to chihuahuas. One kind, but different species of that kind. Therefore, there were only a few different kinds of dinosaurs making the possibility of dinosaurs on the ark completely viable.

6. What happened to dinosaurs on the ark? They died. That explains why we have so many fossils today. There are different rock layers, which can help determine age of these fossils. People assume time scale is absolute, but in fact age is an interpretation. Creationist and evolution agree that there really is a rock layer — but disagree on the timing. The global flood laid rock layers faster.

7. Biblically, how old is the earth? The earth was created on day 1 and Adam was created on day 6. There are about 2000 years between Adam to Abraham. Abraham lived about 4000 years ago. The earth is approximately 6000 years old.

8. Does the Bible talk about dinosaurs? Job 40:15-19 –Job describes an animal that “eats grass like an ox” and whose “tail is like cedar”. People think its he was describing an elephant, but in size comparison the tail is too big for an elephant. Job 41:18-21 – this animal is not classed as a dinosaur because it’s a water creature. This is a fire breathing dragon — the Leviathan. But was the Leviathan real? Of course! In Job 38 God lists all real animals, so the Leviathan has to be real.

9. Why don’t we find the word “Dinosaur” in the Bible? The word was not invented until 1841. It didn’t exist yet when the Bible was written. What about the word “dragon” – used 24 times in Geneva bible (OT). The word dragon can also be found Isaiah 27 and Psalm 91:13. So are dragons and dinosaurs are the same thing? All dinosaurs are dragons but not all dragons are dinosaurs. Why? Because dinosaurs are a particular type of reptile.

10. When did people start believing in dragons as myths? About 100 years ago. Why? Because they can’t be found any more, so people write them off as myths. Most of the dragon myths end with them being killed. That’s one of the reasons why they don’t exist anymore. Dragons also died off because of disease, change of environment, they were hunted, and we’ve destroyed most of their habitat.

11. What evidence is there that man and dinosaurs lived together? There are pictures in caves, engravings on tombs and walls all over the world, stories and literature –such as Beowulf, which clearly and realistically describes a dinosaur. Did you know scientists have found dinosaur red blood cells? Blood cells don’t last 65 million years! Soft tissue was also discovered by scientists. Doesn’t it make more sense that they existed thousands of years ago rather than millions of years ago?

The Bible does makes sense of dinosaurs and dragons! As a Christian how can you use dinosaurs and the information you’ve learned here? Take a conversation about dinosaurs into a conversation about Christ. The Bible’s history is true, which means the Gospel is also true.

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