The Great Delusion – Ken Ham

The Great Delusion – Ken Ham

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Ken Ham is the President and CEO of Answers in Genesis and the Creation Museum. Ken has written several books and has hosted Answers Conferences worldwide. His mission is to share the truths of God’s Word and to equip Christians to effectively share the Gospel.

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Romans 1:18-32

Something catastrophic is happening in this nation — a great delusion, a great lie that has crept across this nation.

Romans, chapter one is a description of our culture today and of the Western world. America is under judgment. This nation has a great Christian heritage. In fact, it has the most Christian resources it’s ever had. Still the Christian worldview is crumbling.

When President Obama was an Illinois Senator he said “We are no longer a Christian nation…” He made that statement again after being voted President. So now a nation that was once founded on the Word of God is not a Christian nation? If God is not the foundation, then we have become our own gods. In Genesis 3 Adam and Eve determined truth for themselves, leading to sin and judgment. People are doing what is right in their own eyes leading to a foundational change in our nation.

In August 17, 2008 then-Senator Obama said marriage is between a man and a woman. However on June 1, 2009 shortly after he was appointed President he openly appointed LBGT candidates to Senate-confirmed positions in the first 100 days of Administration. He defunded all abstinence-based education and replaced it with contraceptive-based sex education. And in October 11, 2009 he called on Congress to repeal the “so-called Defense of Marriage Act and to pass the Domestic Partners Benefits and Obligations Act” at the Human Rights Campaign Dinner. All of this information can be found on the White House website.

In January 27, 2010 he declared “I will work with Congress and our military to finally repeal the law that denies gay Americans the right to serve their country…” In 2012 ABC News showed an interview where President Obama publically affirms that same sex couples should get married. In 2013 he said “Our journey is not complete until our gay brothers and sister are treated equally under the law…”

There has been a deliberate agenda to push gay marriage across America and to condone homosexual behavior. In an interview with CBS President Obama said “gays and lesbians should have access and opportunity the same way everybody else does. In every institution and walk of life.”

The legal and social acceptance of gay marriage is not a civil rights issue – it’s a moral issue, it’s a behavioral issue.

Occasionally you’ll see President Obama quoting scripture. In 2012 he addressed the Connecticut massacre where twenty-eight people were killed, twenty of those were children. President Obama quoted 2 Corinthians 4:16 -5:1, but would he quote Ephesians 5:1? How about Matthew 19:4-5 where Jesus says marriage is between one man and one woman? Or will Obama quote only passages that will support his agenda?

The major problem is many Christians don’t believe in the literal truth of Genesis. This nation is a reflection of the Church, so we need to stand up and stop compromising His Word!

In June 26, 2013 the Supreme Court struck down DOMA provision denying benefits to gay couples. The worst part? The National Cathedral, along with other Washington churches, rang its church bells to celebrate the Supreme Court’s decision.

A United Methodist church in Winston-Salem, N.C. made headline news when they said they’ll stop officiating weddings for straight couples until same-sex marriage is legal.

In an interview with Sean Hannity and Terry Jeffrey, Reverend Oliver White said Jesus was wrong about marriage. He goes on to say Jesus didn’t know it all. Really?

Well, gay marriage is not the end. What about polygamy? The definition of marriage has become plastic. Polygamists see same-sex marriage as a step forward for legal and social acceptance of a multi-persons relationship.

In our public schools and secular universities we’re taught that we’re like animals and no different to animals. If animals do it, then so should we? Do scientists and professors teach that there are animals that eat their own kind or that eat their own young? Should we do that too?

In his 2008 Blueprint for Change, Senator Obama said that he will make preserving a woman’s right to choose Roe v. Wade a priority as president. Did you know that 55 million children have been killed in abortion since Roe v Wade? That means 3,500 babies have been killed each day. Our current President is the first ever to speak at a Planned Parenthood Conference, where he pledged his full support.

America’s foundation has changed from God’s word to man’s word.

• Judges 21:25 – “…everyone did what was right in their own eyes”
• Matt 24:37
• Genesis 6:5
• 2 Thessalonians 2:11

What greater lie can there be that there is no God and that His word is not true? This lie has permeated our culture, schools and families. It has had evil consequences.

• Romans 1:25
• Romans 1:18, 24, 26, 28

God is giving this culture over to judgment. Yes, America is under judgment – we have thrown God out of the culture.

How should we view the President of the United States of America?
• Isaiah 45:1
• Romans 13:1-2

President Obama has been appointed by God to be where he is. The leader is there for America’s judgment.

• 2 Chronicles 7:14 – We need to fall on our knees before a holy God and repent. Let us remind this generation and the next of our spiritual heritage and legacy. It only takes one generation to lose a culture.

2 out of 3 of teenagers are walking away from church by the time they reach college.

In England 2 out of 3 teenagers don’t even believe there is a God. Church attendance is as low as 7% of the nation. That will soon happen here in America if we don’t act quickly.

What is the solution? We need preachers of righteousness. There is a great remnant of believers who want to stand for the truth of God’s word. We need to mobilize this remnant and remind this generation that there is salvation. Jesus is the door, the only door by which we can be saved.

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