The Homosexual War – Todd Friel

The Homosexual War – Todd Friel

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Todd Friel is host of Wretched Radio and Wretched TV.

Here’s what he had to say about the Homosexual War:

Many of our marriage vows come from what Adam first said to Eve.

We are engaged in a homosexual war — and the war has been lost, sociologically and politically.

Challenge: Let’s not talk like politicians but love like Christians.

Too often we are inclined to politically think conservatively, instead of from a Christian prospective.

Ephesians 6:10 – our struggle isn’t political, it’s against spirits and principalities.

Satan creates schemes: false religion, post modernism, radical feminism, and… homosexuality — he hates us and he wants to destroy us & take us to hell. So we march for our “rights”, taking our eyes off the prize: souls!

The Gospel of Jesus Christ is priority – let’s stop thinking politically and sociologically.

1. Is this a political and social war? No. This is a battle for souls!
2. What will be our play book?
a. What is the Bible about? One thing. From Genesis to Revelation –> Jesus Christ!
b. One man (Jesus Christ), one woman (bride) – the picture of the Gospel. That’s why Satan hates marriage.
c. Why did Jesus Christ come? He came to seek and to save what is lost. Let’s reposition this entire issue in terms of the Gospel.

The Gospel should cause people to stumble, not our political activism.

Acts 2:14-40
Acts 4:8-12
Acts 8:35
Acts 9:20 – immediately Paul began proclaim Jesus Christ
Acts 22 – Paul presented his defense to the Jewish mob
Acts 24 -26 Paul was trial, proclaiming Jesus Christ

We are Christians not Republicans! When the world knows us as Republicans before they know us as Christians, we have lost our way.

What is our message? That gay marriage is bad? Or that Jesus Christ is amazing?

Questions to ask ourselves:
1. Who is the enemy? Who did Jesus Christ war with? Not homosexuals, or self righteous Jews.They are victims of the enemy, just sinners. It was the Pharisees that Jesus warred with! Those who proclaimed false religion- enemies of the Word. Let’s distinguish between enemies and victims of the enemies.
2. What are the battlefields? There are six.
a. Politics – Engage in politics because it’s your passion. We must understand the difference between Christians and the Church. Christians should most definitely be in politics –which is entirely noble if you act nobly.
God set up three realms of authority on earth: Government — which should have very little control because God set it up that way. The second realm is Church, and then Family. Each is its own realm. The Church should act as a prophetic voice that will cry over the wall and call both the Government and the Family to repent. The Church should be involved in politics as a prophetic voice, but not to lobby. The problem is when the Church becomes known as a political entity. Christians: How do you speak about political issues? The Gospel brings reconciliation between black and white, Jews and Gentiles, Republicans and Democrats, sinners and the Savior.
b. Media – What is the content that you’ve heard from Christians? What is the tone?
c. Water Cooler (every day life –work, school, etc.) – Don’t ask, Don’t tell — People are being influenced to authorize sinful behavior.
d. Evangelism – Do they hear compassion in our voice? What are we saying in our open air preaching?
e. The Church – should be a place where people are open about their struggles because there’s love abounding in the Church. What does our pulpit sound like on Sunday mornings? How do we discuss homosexuality? How do you deal with a church member who just came out? Preach grace and truth. Never sacrifice truth for grace, and never sacrifice grace for truth. Both walk hand-in-hand. Pastors, make sure your congregation hears about Jesus. He came to seek and save the lost.
f. The Home – Our kids are getting bombarded by the pulling voices of this culture. Do we respond as conservatives or as Christians? Did you know that 25% of all youth will go through a season where they are confused about their sexuality? Respond and teach your children in love. Make sure your kids hear the balance of law and gospel.They might not struggle with homosexuality but maybe they know someone who does.

We are battling for the souls of men! Let’s remember who we are first. We sinners too! Of the worst kind. So, before you speak remember first who you are. Bring the message of hope. Most homosexuals are dying on the inside. Might you need to speak a word of condemnation? Yes. But Jesus died for all of us. The ground is level at the foot of the cross.

That is our message — the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

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